Discover the "Perks" of joining our Coffee Club!

Lost City Café Coffee Club & Perks is your invite to premium coffee rewards! Stay up to date with the latest product listings and additions to our store. Discover "Perks" to being a Coffee Club member with us!
-You receive 100 Coffee Perks just for signing up!
-Place an order with us, and receive ​5 perks for every $1 spent!
Buy Coffee. Redeem Perks.
-600 Perks = $6 Café Coupon
-1000 Perks = $10 Café Coupon
-2000 Perks = $20 Café Coupon
Give your friends a reward & claim your own when they make a purchase!
- They get $5
- You get $5
Go to and start discovering all the Perks of being a coffee club member with Lost City Café! 
Café Club Subscribe & Save:
"Checkout" the latest addition to Lost City Café
- 3 Month subscription - Save 10%
- 6 Month subscription - Save 15%
Follow Lost City Café on Facebook @LostCityCafe. 

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