What's Brewing This Summer

Thank you, Heroes!

Right now, at Lost City Cafe, we’re celebrating our frontline heroes. The world experienced a maddening year. Despite the spread, infection rate, and risks associated to COVID-19, these men & women stepped up, risking their own health, while saving countless of lives in the process. That’s damn heroic. 
Use code “hero20” at checkout to receive 20% off your order. As always, enjoy free shipping on all coffee products throughout the US. Grab a Lost City Cafe Gift Card for a local hero in your neighborhood! Let's all 

Red, White, and Brew

With the upcoming unofficial start of summer right around the corner, Lost City Cafe is Perked to introduce our customers to the Brew Crew favorite, Cafe Cold Brew Coffee! Discover the premium taste of our Cold Brew today."This unique blend makes the perfect, most satisfying cup. Specifically blended for cold brew coffee. Contains no additives, nothing artificial, just 100% coffee. Cold brew coffee is a dark French roast and the grounds are very coarse."

Brew Crew Tip:

  1. Gently pour in cold, filtered water at a ratio of 4-to-1 (for example, 4 cups water for 1 cup grounds).
  2. Stir gently to make sure all grounds are wet and cover container with plastic wrap.
  3. Let it sit at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours. Taste it occasionally and discard the grounds when the coffee hits your sweet spot.
  4. Enjoy your NEW summer BREW!
Words Cannot Espresso This Father's Day!
There's a reason we're promoting our best-selling Cowboy Blend coffee this Father's Day. This strong, dark roasted coffee exudes bold characteristics perfect for those father's out there who wake up early and start their day with Lost City Cafe. Beginning June 1, use Promo "COWBOY" for 20% off our premium Cowboy Blend only. Free Shipping applies to any coffee, on any sized order. Send your father a whole latte love with treasures from Lost City Cafe.
Grind on!
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